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Monday, April 24, 2006

The risks and social costs of Taiwan-China economic and trade ties(1): Hao last year defected to Australia. His job was originally to supervise Falun Gong members, but later on he was responsible for supervising Taiwanese businesspeople. As soon as a Taiwanese businessman entered China, Hao’s office would monitor the individual’s every move, including when it would forcibly appropriate the person’s assets. The Chinese had an established procedure for everything. That’s why Kao says that “entrapping Taiwanese businesspeople” is China’s established policy. It is a fact. ... Hao said at a public hearing in the Legislative Yuan on December 16, 2005 how he enticed Taiwanese businesspeople into evading taxes and visiting prostitutes and how he went to catch them later on when necessary. Then again he rescued them, of course, but not without forcing a concession – that they return to Taiwan as spies. At the hearing, Hao also mentioned how China controls Taiwan’s media.

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