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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Beijing Adopts the PR Route over Taipei: They also concluded that it would still be disastrous to confront the US militarily. In December 2003, the People's Liberation Army shifted away from overt threat of war against Taiwan, and instead enunciated the strategy of 'three wars' - psychological, legal and in the media.
New Breed of Activist Is Changing China: Hao represents a new breed of activists in China who believe their individual actions can bring about institutional change and who have ingenious strategies for exploring the existing space for citizen participation. In pushing for change, they carefully avoid the confrontational stance adopted by political dissidents. Instead, they pick their fights skillfully. Biff- the more I learn about political dissidents the more my skepticism and contempt grows...
HARD POUNDING by Victor Davis Hanson: In retrospect, up-armoring humvees would have been wise from the very outset — so would having something remotely comparable to a Panzerfaust in 1943, more live than dud torpedoes in 1942, or deploying a jet at the beginning of the Korean War that could compete with a Russian Mig 15.

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