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Monday, April 18, 2005

(Biff: beyond the Cecil B. Demille mobs howling for the camera, there's the run of the mill 'Get stuffed!' public.)
他指出,大陸民眾高呼「抵制日貨」之際,一家中日合資的大型日式百貨商場在北京開幕,儘管當局出動數百名公安、國安在場戒備,但民眾不但無反日貨舉動,而且掀購物熱潮,現場幾乎被「迫爆」。有市民說:「誰便宜買誰的」. (link)

(Biff: A photo of three weekend patriots. Note the downcast three-stooges, nobody-loves me vibe. A girlfriend each would be more than enough to distract these bruisers from their messiah complex but quick. Not cute enough for rock & roll, too shy to bang on drums at a temple, they cram into a storage room, pull down the drapes, and pose for the camera: down but not out, valiant if not quite virile, pish but also posh) The story of their righteous odyssey to right history's wrongs and save Diaoyutai from explotation by everyone but themselves is here (link)

Homer's two great epic tales, the Iliad and the Odyssey, describe heroic actions of indomitable figures such as Achilles and Agamemnon during the Trojan War. Under the guise of increased economic cooperation and friendship, could this epic tale of deception be resurrected and used by China in a spectacular, lightening invasion of Taiwan? Could the hollow hulls and empty decks of Chinese container ships carry infantry and mechanized divisions for a devastating attack on Taiwan, securing the island before the U.S. could respond? China's Container Ship Fleet: Economic Savior or Trojan Horse? (Biff: loopy, or just crazy enough to appeal to PRC generals taking a minute from managing their business and gambling empires?. Container ships would be sitting ducks, collecting all the military eggs in one iron basket. But if secrecy could be achieved/bought and paid for...)

++官方一再強調,這場示威活動是民間的,是自發的,和官方毫無關係。這自然是彌天大謊,慾蓋彌彰,不值一駁。... 某些人對貼近的歷史不感興趣,對遙遠的歷史念念不忘,對切膚之痛的事情缺少憤慨,對那些缺少切膚之痛的事情反倒充滿激情。這樣的激情和記憶難道是正常的嗎? ... 其次,關於教科書問題。日本的中學歷史教科書並非由官方統一口徑,規定一套惟一的版本;而是由民間編寫,官方審定。這次報批的中學近代史教科書有八個版本,大多數是左翼編寫,引起中國方面抗議的只是一個由右翼編寫的版本,而採用這本右翼編寫的歷史教科書的學校在全日本還不到1%。這就是說,所謂教科書問題並不像很多中國人想像得那麼嚴重。說到篡改歷史,說到拒絕認錯,當今世界,誰比得上中共呢? (link) (Biff: better than the average blathersome Chinese article. States the obvious, which is to say it's unusually penetrating for epochtimes. Implies the obvious, which is to say that the HK media has an IQ, taking one hack with the next, that's 10~15 points above Taiwan's media.)

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