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Thursday, December 09, 2004

News 2004-12-09

PEG palliates paralysed pooches

I came to believe that the Palestine-Israel issue was low down on the list of priorities for the man in the street but something approaching an obsession for the political, business, and intellectual elites. ... The reason why the [Arab] elites fake passion about this issue is that it is the only one on which they agree.

We’re Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore (Biff: mellifluous lunacy)

Cartoon from the Guardian (Biff: more lunacy)

Congress OKs private-spaceflight bill "Never watch sausage or legislation being made," he told "It's been a long, tortuous road."

Rules listed for $50 million orbital race In addition to the $50 million prize, Bigelow said his company also is prepared to offer $200 million in conditional purchase agreements for six flights of a selected vehicle ... In addition, $800 million in options contracts for 24 flights will be available over a period of about four to 4.5 years, Bigelow said

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