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Monday, October 06, 2008

The Mainland Chinese: "Jews of the East" destined to be the new global Jews?

(From an outgoing email:) ...And of course, there's a promising future too in the hating of Jews.
Envy of one's betters is a meme that never dies, only the excuses
masking it change. Witness the support of domestic and international
under-dogs (local minorities and failed states) who proudly perpetuate
ideologies of failure, often religious taboos against smart money
management. Failure is acceptable if it enables them to stick to their
ideals. The mantra "nothing succeeds like success" is crass. Far more
sublime, poignant, and wallowing in tragic history is the more poetic
crie de couer, "nothing succeeds like failure".

The original Jews of the East, the former sick men of Asia, the
continental Chinese, by and large despise another tribe of Chinese,
the Hakka, the Jews of China, a more successful money-sensible
minority which also sensibly avoided the traditional taboo on women
with unbound feet. If you'll recall, Hakka culture produced such
go-go evil-doers as Sun Yat-sen, Lee Kuan-yao and Lee Teng-hui.

New Jews are being invented all the time such as the Lebanese of West
Africa who enjoy a safety net not available to the serially pogromed
and massacred traditional Jews of the region, the Nigerian Igbo.
Fiji's Gujarati Indians, the Jews of India who used to run a
prosperous slave trade in Africans, have become the new Jews of their
region of the Pacific and gloomily await the day they'll be pushed
back into the ocean by the Melanesians. During the apartheid era,
South Africa's Jews were the whites, who opened the country club door
other international Jews via welcoming the Japanese and so forth into
official membership as whites, i.e. domestic Jews.

The Aztecs were the money-smart Jews of Mexico, the highest stratum of
their imperialistic society being traders. White Europeans were the
global Jews for the duration of the European stage of imperialism and
the Cold War. Since then, the emerging global Jew has been the
Americano (despised by the Old World's fallen imperial Jews, i.e.
social-democratic Europeans. We shall see how the Americano as Jew
meme goes, given that the US will not be overtaken by China and India
vis-a-vis military might in the next several decades (unless I'm
mistaken, China still can't R&D a fighter jet fuselage that doesn't
pull turns like a 70's Cadillac, a vehicle known in Florida as a "Jew
Canoe"). The election of Obama probably won't change anything as he
appears to be a Jack Kennedy democrat. Given his stance on
aggressively hunting Al Qaeda into Pakistan, he's out to prove a Dem
can kick international butt just as badly as a Republican.

The current crop of government-empowered mainland Chinese
international businessmen, unlike their Western analogue, don't
misapply family morals to the anonymous and unregulated business of
international commerce in the Third World. I expect them to be
increasingly vilified by pious paranoiacs of the left and right as
masterminds of a new world order they yet conspicuously fail to
control. See the recent anti-Chinese riots in the Solomon Islands,
decades of official pogroms against the Chinese in Indonesia, etc. for
which the Chinese and Taiwanese governments have been powerless to
prevent in the past (or near future I predict). Nevertheless, like the
non sequitur that George W. Bush was the ultimate doofus and yet also
the ultimate slick political operator, the non sequitur of greedy
Chinese businessmen who yet positively propel Africa's economic
development (unlike the conspicuous failure of international aid) will
drive the fanatics wild. After all, all too many fanatics are
unashamed of conspicuous failure if they can claim they stuck to their
ideals. What really enrages them is being shown up by amoral success.
Now that's profane!

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