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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Howdy H: That dating article works for me completely. You should be scoring more often.
My advice would be to be less sticky-sweet nice and more frank about what you're offering and what they're offering. All relationships are negotiated. Those which aren't, are accidents waiting to happen. Be less patient, have more to say. (I literally won't go out the door without knowing I've got fresh stuff to talk about.) Speak your mind. Treat women just like you treat men, but don't talk about sex until after you've fucked. Don't spend idle hours with chicks. Consider ending the conversation first. When you value your time appropriately, they'll value it too. Blabbermouth would rather have me on the phone 24 hours a day. But she ought to be careful what she wishes for. After all, like anyone else, I'd run out of stuff to say. So when we speak, I'm almost always the one who ends the conversation, with her flustered and floundering for excuses to get me to stay on the line. And its usually this way with local girls. They don't know how to say no and they don't know when to say stop. And they don't respect men who share this problem with them. Ain't fair, but then again, nothing's fair in love and war.
Hope I said something useful,

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