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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

When you write about elites, I hope you realize that you are in the process of joining the various global elites and that Walden Bello is already a member of them. For what is a member of this group but simply somebody who is a mover and shaker at the global level. Doing a Google search reveals that Professor Bello writes opinion pieces that appear in numerous magazines and websites and that he is a columnist for the Phillipine Daily Enquirer. The fact that his articles are hosted at alone ensures that he's at the very top of the left-wing media elite and hob-nobs with the best of them.

A letter of mine was published in a couple of years back in which I drew attention to a left-wing columnist (Henry C.K. Liu) who complained about media elites. I said that surely he, himself, was a member of the media elite in excellent standing. After all, he was/is a columnist in a well-known magazine read globally. Further to this, he owns and operates a financial investment firm in New York City! It's always fun to see millionaires crying in their beer about how unfair the world is...

For what it's worth, is a watering hole for left-wing conspiracy theorists such as Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, and Ward Churchill. Ward Churchill is a now famous ethnic impersonator (he's a make-believe Keetowah Cherokee; a band which has publicly disowned him saying he's not of Indian heritage; though he continues to tell audiences that he is an Indian. He looks and acts like a Celt to me.) He's also artist-fraud who's been exposed selling other people's art under his own name at He also faked his military service in Vietnam (he was an audio-video technician but told audiences for years that he was an assassin for the US Special Forces). His various shenanigans were exposed on national TV in the US last spring. Quite amusing stuff... You would think that the University of Colorado would have fired him from his professorship by now, but... nope. All they have done is take down his university webpage (though Google has a cache). As a professional con-artist he pulls in US$120,000 per year as a professor plus the US$5000~US$10,000 speaking fees he gets from each talk he gives on the lecture circuit. Crime pays.

Anyway, I've found several of Prof. Bello's articles and I'll give them a look-over and tell you what I think. There's plenty of his stuff here, for example:

This url ( offers some interesting stuff on Prof. Bello. He is a former member of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and claimed in February of 2005 to be on a CCP list scheduled potentially for assassination. The url contains the following:

""One thing to be clear on is that Walden Bello and his allies in Akbayan are NOT on any kind of a CPP "hit list." This is not the first time that Bello and other leftist critics of the CPP have aired these charges. In point of fact, two prominent ex-CPP leaders, Romulo Kintanar and Arturo Tabara, have been killed by units of the New People's Army in recent years. Both had started collaborating with the Philippine armed forces (AFP). Kintanar was employed by the AFP as a "security consultant," ie. military intelligence agent. This has been widely reported in the mainstream Philippine press. The make it clear that they answer political attacks on them politically, and deal with work for the enemy differently. To be called a "counter-revolutionary" or a "psuedo-revolutionary" by the CPP is not a threat; it means that your political positions will be criticized. While Bello jets around the world claiming his life is being threatened, political assassinations ARE taking place in the Philippines. During the 2004 election campaign, over 40 workers for Bayan Muna, Gabriela Women's Party and other national democratic electoral parties were murdered by the AFP and paramilitaries. Bello has little or nothing to say here.""

Anyway, the above is just a webpage with someone's opinion. Perhaps you can ask him about being chased by blood-thirsty commies in the Philippines...

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