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Monday, February 07, 2005

PostScript to the review of Race - The Reality of Human Differences:
Amy Chua's World on Fire: How Exporting Free-Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability sheds light on the behavioral genesis, as opposed to genetic provenance, of IQ. In reading the following, you might want to ask yourself which of the correspondents will have children who perform well at school and on IQ tests, and which, unfortunately, will not.

From pp 106-107, World on Fire: I recently posted on the Web the following question: "why have the Kikuyu been more economically successful than other Kenyans?" (In Kenya, the term "Kenyans" is still understood to mean black Kenyans.) Many Kenyans, including self identified Kikuyus,Luos,and Kalenjin respondents. Here's a sampling of their comments.

W.: the Kikuyu, of which I'm one, have become successful economically due to various reasons. One, civilization came early to our community when the colonial settlers settle in our land and introduced the start of the Kenyan economy. Second, the Kikuyus have a different attitude. They like to invest and try ventures, however small they are. They believe that being a small-business owner is better than being a manager here or there... in my family, there is no one who is an employee. We believe that the worst offense you can do to yourself is to remain an employee. Rightly so, wealth is created by those who engage in business.

K: It Is Out Of Hard Work. Hard Hard Work and Confidence. The Same Reasons All Other People Become Strong Economically.

S. [responding to K]: you are a sick puppy. If I remind you of Kamaliza [a Swahili name for "exterminator" and a nickname used by some Kenyans to refer to presidents Kenyatta], you will realize that your fathers and mothers have an unfair advantage vis-à-vis other Kenyans. During Kenyatta's reign, he transferred all the "white settlers" lands to Kikuyus. Please don't give me that BS of I work hard and own my own business. If you don't care to learn history then stop spouting ignorance... you should at the very least to stop corrupting this media with misinformation. Please acknowledge the sins of your ancestors, then propose solutions. Non-Kikuyus sat on the sidelines while Kamaliza and his Kikuyu henchmen raped the country, denying other Kenyans jobs and land. We are all hard-working folks and don't think for a moment that your likes have cornered the market on success, by virtue of being Kikuyu.

J: this is what you say to a stranger, with no idea about Kenya and how Kikuyus got wealthy! You say that Kikuyus were outright thieves?! Next time check your words!!! I insist, Kikuyus are not thieves. They were aided to their wealth, but nobody makes it to financial success without help. That is why banks offer loans. The difference is that Kikuyus appreciate the little they have and have a drive towards enterprise like no other tribe in Kenya. I was brought up by my aunt, she fed us by selling the local brew, and now she owns a restaurant!! Am I not allowed to be proud of that??? She was never a relation of a certain minister and neither did she finish her formal education!!... you being a Kenyan should have some sensitivity on what you write!!! The Kikuyu bashing has to stop!! I am tired of everyone picking on Kikuyus because we happen to be the first at the top!!!!!

S: what I'm trying to tell your kinsman is that hard work is not a genetic trait of Kikuyus only... you have to accept facts such as outright stealing favoring Kikuyus that was perpetrated by Kamaliza henchmen -- like the series of Kikuyu governors and department heads that are in charge of the central bank. Moi and his henchmen [who are Kalenjin] may be stealing now, but is he doing anything different from what Kamaliza did? You don't have to defend Kamaliza because you are a Kikuyu.

P: Guys, calling each other names IS NOT going to resolve anything. I suggest you respect each other's opinions or positions, and stick with ONLY THE FACTS.

M.: it is as simple as having self-determination and being afraid of poverty. To be poor means being hopeless to Kikuyu. You are not accorded respect by other men. They can even swindle your wife, they regard you like garbage. These are some of the reasons that make Kikuyus economically strong. It is like part of the culture of the people. But not anymore, not under Moi.
Concerning the scandal over Ward Churchill, an ethnic impersonator (fake Amerindian) and professor at the University of Colorado, a fellow professor, Paul Campos, at UC wrote the following:

Anyone who reads widely in the collected works of professor Churchill, and especially anyone who listens to his speeches, will, if they are not blinded by certain ideological commitments, recognize the essentially fascist tendency of his work. If a white American were to speak of any foreign people or nation in anything like the way Churchill discusses America and Americans, the fascist character of his work would be obvious to everyone.

Most interesting to me, and with regard to the above dialogue between Kenyans, was Campos' working definition for fascism:
As a political inclination and an aesthetic style, fascism is marked by, among other things, the following characteristics:
• The worship of violence as a purifying social force. This often manifests itself as an aggressive and romanticized militarism, that produces a kind of cult of the warrior, and that advocates violent action as a mechanism for social change, and an appropriate way of crushing dissent.
• A hyper-nationalistic ideology, that casts history into a drama featuring an inevitably violent struggle between Good and Evil, and that obsesses on questions of racial and ethnic identity.
• The dehumanization and scapegoating of opponents, who are characterized by turns as demonically clever conspirators plotting to undermine the possibility of a virtuous society, and soulless automatons mindlessly carrying out the orders of a vast and evil bureaucracy. This dehumanization often leads to demands that the evil in our midst be eradicated "by any means necessary," up to and including the mass extermination of entire nations and peoples.
• The treatment of moral responsibility as a fundamentally collective matter. The supposed virtues and sins of a nation or people are ascribed to all of its individual members, so that, for example, one speaks of "the Jew" (meaning all Jews collectively and each Jewish person individually) being responsible for the decadence of modern culture.
So again, which mindset will produce children with higher IQ's? The whining, self-indulgent, entitlement chasing, blame-game, violence as holy climax and catharsis paradigm? Or the pro-active, can-do, keep your nose clean, take responsibility for your actions, positive-think business paradigm?
Biff Cappuccino

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