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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Now that chicken flu and Chen Sui-Bian are going cold in the press morgue, some of the more savvy scribes are trying to wind up their customers with speculation about a war between China and Taiwan. I was reviewing some of the commentary and found an amusing conversation at the following forum. Both writers are Singaporean Chinese, I believe.


Re: Taiwan Invasion Not So Unlikely April 9 2004, 7:12 AM

I'm a chinese Singaporean living and working in Shanghai for the past 2 years. Before that I spent over 5 years in HK.

>>> so what?

Before coming to HK and China, I was very pro American/western etc. I couldn't even bring myself to speak Chinese languages.

>>> shame on you... but... at least we all get to see how easy you can be "influenced".... brainwashing you would be easy!! hahahaa....

I used to think PRC was the enemy because they are communists, right? So they must be backwards and evil and dangerous etc.

>>> oh.... poor chap... got so badly brainwashed by simple western media... most "normal" singaporeans never believe in that kind of rubbish that "Communist is enemy" BULL****I.

I don't think like that anymore. It's very obvious that I was fed all kinds of anti-chinese propaganda from my own government and US propaganda machinery like Time and CNN. The Chinese did what they had to do to preserve their soverignty and command the respect they deserve - nothing more.

>>> hold your horses... and stop lying through your ass... singapore govt NEVER fed anyone in singapore any ANTI-chinese propaganda... it stupid since.. 70+ percent signaporeans are chinese!!!

>>> and until afew years earlier before cable TV is available to singaporeans, CNN can only be watch by foreigners in HOTELS!!

The Chinese are not evil. The PLA soldiers I've met in China and Tibet and friendly and very disciplined and helpful. (They gave us free medical aid in Tibet.)

>>> NOPE... chinese are NOT evil... they are just human... just like singapore medical units in East timor and in dozens of other parts of the world.. saving and helping people they never knew...

Chinese people are a mix of very modern in the cities and very backwards in the countryside.

>>> so too... is most of the world nations... though the mix is of different proportion...

At the same time there must be close to a million Taiwanese living, working and doing business in China. In all but words - the 2 people are reunited. Most Chinese definitely want Taiwan back but do not want bloodshed. In today's more gentle society, killing Taiwanese sounds quite unthinkable even to the most militant chinese youths I have met. The Taiwanese are just a wayward child but still family.

>>> oh.... i believe that the govt of PRC has NO intention to attack ROC despite all the verbal abuse... and no one (except some luny forumners who probably never carried a rifle, which i noted in the past) wants any war... war sucks... but some chinese think they can take on USA!....

And strangely enough, a lot of Taiwanese I've met in Taiwan (I had a Taiwanese gf once), DO want to be reunited with China. It's a good half and half for and against. Again, the thought of war between the 2 people is quite unthinkable. Though most Taiwanese will not hesitate to defend their country to the last bullet. (Taiwanese like to fight.)

>>> dont be so quick to judge others... what do you mean by taiwanese LIKE TO FIGHT!!??

>>> and people's opinion changes.. maybe after PRC starts to put more missile across the formosa straits... the taiwanese are having second thoughts about the PRC benevolence (or lack of it)... towards taiwanese...

But many are sick of living on a small island being barred from going over to the mainland. So when the rules were relaxed - a lot of Taiwanese just up and left the island in their own freewill.

>>> but they still kept the ROC citizenship.... wonder why?? dont trust the CCP enough? maybe PRC should start asking them if they will give up ROC citizenship in exchange for PRC citizenship....

>>> and some of those taiwanese that went to PRC... was on spying missions....

It's only those in the government that likes to play these cat and mouse games. I don't know why the idiot child Chen Shuibian got voted again but I know for a fact that the most nationalistic Taiwanese may want independence - but NOT through war and definitely not with American assistance, though it's good for them to know that it's there should they need it.

>>> wait a minute... didnt you talk to "ALOT" of taiwanese?? now you dont know why CSB is elected instead?? hmmm... maybe they arent telling you their true feelings!

Still, my heart lies with China. If they ever fight against the Americans I hope the Chinese win. I hope the Americans get the shxt kicked out of them. They've been behaving like 1st class bullies: invading Iraq and Afghanistan, bombing PRC embassy, sending spy planes etc.

>>> yah.... and while your at it... change your citizenship please... so that you can go kick american butts as a PLA soldier!

>>> not right and moral to ask PLA soldiers to die for your personal desire you know... and lastly... who are you to judge USA? maybe you lived in USA for 5 years like you did in PRC? or you watch too much CCTV like you watch too much CNN like in the past?

I am confident the Chinese will prevail as they have the moral right to stop Taiwan going independent. They won against the Americans in the 50's in Korea when they didn't even have enough guns. Those behind pick up the weapons of those killed in front.

>>> if moral can wins war... who needs rifle!?

>>> they didnt won the korean war... its an armistic... and the PLA attacked without declaring war on the UN... its a sneek attack like the japs on pearl harbour... just that USA aint interested in occupying PRC when they just barely just occupied japan... though many PRC citizen would ask if US can occupy PRC...

And the peasant army in Vietnam also kicked American butts back to US of A.

>>> i believe all the PRC citizen would agreed with me.. that Viets didnt kicked american butts.... on their own... until PRC and RUS came to their aids... PRC alone sends so much stuffs to the viets... the viets cant finish them and was able to use those excess PRC supplies against PRC later on....

If you compare the number of missiles and planes and ships and tanks between US and these 2 enemies back then in the 50's and 60's, Americans win hands down. Yet, they lost the war - twice.

>>> in korea, USA is still there... if you might noticed that there are NK and SK.

>>> in vietnam... USA lost to a PRC, RUS and VIET combine forces... but in the end PRC also got their ass whipped by VIET while RUS deployed 50!! armored divisions along PRC northern borders!!... the warm of communist friendship is certainly getting too hot to bear!! hahahahaa....

So I am sure if the US sent their battle fleets and men into Asia again, they will again pay a very heavy price and be humbled.

>>> sure? you?? who the hell are you?? when even the PLA never said they could defeat USA openly...

There will be no shortage of volunteers in China to fight a war with America. The Americans have given the ordinary Chinese person enough reasons.

>>> volunteers?? no problem... i give you 150 BILLION volunteer PLA soldiers... now go and faced down the 4,000 american nukes... lets see how many volunteers you will be left...

Re: Taiwan Invasion Not So Unlikely April 9 2004, 11:09 AM

Damn, lost the front part of my message...

Foaming at the mouth and demanding I renounce my Singaporean citizenship again? I can imagine you glasses fogging up with rage and your saliva splattering the screen as you type.


: )


nahhhh..... but you wanna see PLA soldiers die for your pleasure... at least have the morality to take the front with them.....

Re: Taiwan Invasion Not So Unlikely April 9 2004, 11:29 AM

Okay lah, whatever you say. You win. You are smartest they should give you a medal etc...

But let's end this here and not turn this thread into another one where we both argue.

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